4 Lush Products I Can’t Be Without

It’s funny to think back to when my sister and I were kids: We would walk by the Lush store at our local shopping centre and dramatically hold our noses, scurrying past whilst squealing and hacking at the powerful soapy scent that wafted from the doorway. Perhaps our childish noses were not yet attuned to such smells, or perhaps Lush has upped its game since then. The shop that I remember as simply only selling huge slabs of soap that resembled cheese wheels now boasts a plethora of gorgeous beauty products and skincare to suit all complexions and ailments. Better still, Lush prides itself on being cruelty free, all products are 100% handmade and all vegetarian. In the past few years, Lush has soared in popularity: bold, sparkling bath bombs permeate our Instagram feeds, and the simple, black tub packaging is almost iconic. These days, Lush has a product for everyone. This is a run down of my top four, tried and tested Lush products that have become essentials in my daily beauty routine.




I have very thick, naturally curly hair, which sounds good on paper, but in reality is dry, unruly and frizzy. Throughout my teenage years, I struggled to manage it, and wouldn’t dare be seen with my natural hair on display. Instead, I would repeatedly straighten the life out of my mane, damaging it in the process. Lush’s hair moisturiser, R&B, has changed all of that for me — the natural hair I used to hate is now something I love! R&B is a gorgeous smelling hair cream that I distribute through freshly washed hair. For me, the perfect time to apply is when my hair is damp but not drenched. I rub R&B throughout the body of my hair, twirling my locks so they will dry into smooth, loose waves. The product clings to my natural curls and enhances them; resulting in defined waves instead of a mass of thick frizz. I am sparse with the amount I use because it can leave hair sticky and have that appearance of stiff mousse if too much is applied. It’s trial and error to figure out the amount best for your own hair, but I use roughly two 50p sized amounts each time, which gives me a bouncy and clean looking ‘do on every occasion. With the assistance of R&B, I seldom use a hair dryer on my hair, I simply let this wonderful product do its job and allow my hair to just naturally air dry. R&B controls any frizziness that I might get, and I am left with a controlled, shiny, wavy bob. Apart from tousling the cream through my hair, I don’t do anything else in terms of styling. For a girl who is incredibly lazy when it comes to beauty routines, this is perfect for me. Bonus: the smell is amazing! R&B has essentially become my signature scent. I have been using it for so long now, people associate the smell of it with me, and I’m more than cool with that when R&B smells this good. I can often forgo perfume and simply use the all natural product on my hair as my signature fragrance.


Tea Tree Toner Water


I’m proud to say I’ve started exercising more, however I recently encountered a bad spell of breakouts on my face where sweat clogged my pores during a particularly long workout. Who knew exercising could have cons? Tea tree is antiseptic and antibacterial, perfect for eliminating bacteria on spot prone skin. After a particularly sweaty session, I spritz a bottle of Lush’s Tea Tree Water across my face (the spray bottle function is amazing). Not only is it refreshing and cooling, but when used with some cotton pads to dab at problem areas across my skin, I can rest easy knowing however sweaty I got, it won’t result in the painful acne breakout I had when I first started exercising. I love the simplicity of this product; the ingredients are tea tree water, grapefruit water and juniper berry water. I delight in spraying it across my face whenever I want to perk my skin up a little. It’s not overly drying, smells fresh and clean, and evens out my skin tone. I haven’t suffered a single breakout since using this product.




Sleepy is not only gorgeous to look at (upon opening the tub you can marvel at the gorgeous lavender colour and the delicate smattering of sparkle across the top), and luxurious smelling, but it is superb in helping me relax and unwind at bedtime. I have dry skin on my hands, so was already in a routine of using a hand moisturiser at bedtime, and Sleepy does the job of hydrating my hands brilliantly, whilst also blanketing me in a calming, drowsy scent. Lavender has always been a key aroma in aiding with sleep, and this product infuses lavender water with oatmeal and cocoa butter to create the perfect blend of moisture-rich relaxation and a helpful way to reduce stress before bedtime, resulting in an indulgent, peaceful routine to help you drift off.




I have recently reduced the amount of products I use on my face. I was getting through two face wipes every evening to strip off my makeup, and as well as feeling guilty about the environmental impact, I was very aware of how these makeup wipes weren’t really doing my skin any favours. I recently switched to the Makeup Eraser, which does exactly what it says on the tin and, more importantly, is more environmentally friendly. If I’ve been wearing a fair bit of makeup on a particular day, I use said Makeup Eraser with Lush’s Ultrabland Facial Cleanser to help my skin feel extra clean and cared for. Made up of beeswax and rose water, this product can rid my skin of any makeup residue without drying it out. It softens whilst it cleanses, and as the name suggests, is quite literally ultra bland, so I needn’t worry about bombarding my skin with a load of different ingredients.




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