I am a mid-twenties millennial with no clue what I am doing. What a great opener.

Having sworn off social media for life, I am unable to direct you to my Instagram feed or Twitter page. Instead, I invite you to read through my blogs to see what progress, if any, I am making in this confusing time of my life.

Whilst I may often have a bit of a whinge, I am working hard to confront my pessimism with rose-coloured glasses (get the blog-name now, hey?) and steam forward with a positive attitude, writing about my struggles and successes along the way.

Expect travel guides, (not so healthy) recipes and film reviews. Above all, I hope to portray an honest account of my mishaps and general bewilderment with what I’m doing in this life; all served with (hopefully) a pinch of wit and a positive outlook for things to come.